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As a student, you are working hard for this very moment of holding your final degree in your hands. But what comes next? In this new column, former OvGU alumni share their story of stepping into business. This time, it’s up to Anna-Sophia Christ.

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Anna-Sophia studied International Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship (IMME) for her masters at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg. Today, the 25-year old alumna works as an Associate for Risk Consulting at PwC GmbH. In this article, she shares her three best tips with you.

Tip 1: “Dealing with international environments early on is a big plus.”

After finishing her bachelor, Anna-Sophia found herself confronted with choosing an engaging master program. The strong international focus of IMME eventually was the decisive factor: “During my high school time and my bachelor of International Business Studies, I was already able to experience how valuable international cooperation can be, but also what challenges it can pose. For my masters, I wanted to dig deeper and familiarize myself with the increasingly international economy.”

In the IMME program, Anna-Sophia particularly liked the multicultural backgrounds of her fellow students as well as the recurring international focus in class. Students from more than 30 countries study together and can compile their curriculum according to their chosen specializations. For students specializing in International Management, Anna-Sophia recommends taking the project seminar on Innovation, Internationalization & Cross-Cultural Management and stresses: “This seminar was helpful during my studies as it promotes relevant skills for exactly these dynamics of globalization. I could gain many insights into transformational leadership and creativity in an organizational context.”

Tip 2: “Be proactive and engage in student initiatives.”

However, only sitting in the lecture hall was not enough for Anna-Sophia. “In the very beginning of my bachelor, I felt like drowning in a sea of 600+ students drifting away in dry business introductory lectures. I wanted to make a difference and wondered how to add value to my studies.” Extra curricula and engagement on campus were the answer. She joined the student council and a student consulting organization. Apart from acquiring valuable soft skills, participating in student initiatives also pays off in the allocation process for study places abroad. “My Erasmus in Spain taught me what valuable things can be achieved when German efficiency is mixed with the Latin lifestyle ‘La Vida Loca’. In my masters, I wanted to see what Taiwanese Business Schools have on their agenda. Even though I never had a concrete plan where my career should go, I always managed to create new opportunities for myself by being proactive”, Anna-Sophia says.

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Tip 3: “Internships will help you get to know different working styles.”

Work experience is always a plus. Anna-Sophia did an internship during her undergraduate studies and wanted more. “I was so enthusiastic after my time at Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA that I opted for a gap year between my bachelor and master studies. During this time, I worked as an intern at Daimler AG and PwC. What stood out in my internships was the particularly dynamic project workstyle that offers varying challenges and the opportunity for co-creation. This has eventually been crucial for my career choice later on.”

After finishing her IMME master studies, she went back to PwC and currently works as an Associate in Risk Consulting. Being passionate and committed to various projects, this job is a perfect match for Anna-Sophia. As she puts it: “At PwC, there are multiple chances to actively engage in topics one is interested in. I am not only part of a huge international environmental compliance project, but also involved in different initiatives for cutting edge topics like digital ethics and female leadership. Thus, I can recommend PwC for career starters who want to get to know different industries or departments first and those who value a self-fulfilling working style.”


Thank you, Anna-Sophia, for sharing your experience with us! We wish you all the best for your future!

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