Full List of Journal Publications

Prof. Dr. Susanne Enke, geb. Schmidt (last update: November 2018)


"Performance implications of cross-functional coopetition in new product development: the mediating role of organizational learning", Industrial Marketing Management, 73, 137-153, 2018 (with David Bendig, Niklas Thieme, Malte Brettel)


"The Effect of Corporate Support Programs on Employees’ Innovative Behavior: A Cross-Cultural Study", Journal of Product Innovation Management, 35(2), 230253, 2017, (with Andreas Engelen, Lea Weinekötter, Saadat Saeed)


"Should Entrepreneurially Oriented Firms have Narcissistic CEOs?", Journal of Management, 2016, 42(3), pp. 698-721, (with Andreas Engelen, Christoph Neumann)


“The Simultaneous Influence of National Culture and Market Turbulence on Entrepreneurial Orientation: A Nine-country Study”, Journal of International Management, 2015, 21(1), pp. 18-30, (with Andreas Engelen, Michael Buchsteiner)


“Advertising Repetition A Meta-Analysis on Effective Frequency in Advertising”, Journal of Advertising, 2015, 44(4), pp. 415-428, (with Martin Eisend)


“The Contingent Role of Top Management's Social Capital on the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Orientation and Performance”, Journal of Small Business Management, 2016, 54(3), pp. 827-850, (with Andreas Engelen, Alexander Kaulfersch)


“The Influence of Knowledge-based Resources and Business Scholars' Internationalization Strategies on Research Performance”, Research Policy, 2014, 43(1), pp. 48-59, (with Martin Eisend)


“Top Management’s Transformational Leadership Behaviors and Innovation Orientation: A Cross-Cultural Perspective in Eight Countries”, Journal of International Management, 2014, 20(2), pp. 124-136, (with Andreas Engelen, Lis Strenger, Malte Brettel)


“Entrepreneurial Orientation in Turbulent Environments: The Moderating Role of Absorptive Capacity”, Research Policy, 2014, 43(8), pp. 1353-1369, (with Andreas Engelen, Harald Kube, Tessa Flatten)


“How Can Chief Marketing Officers Strengthen Their Influence? A Social Capital Perspective across Six Countries”, Journal of International Marketing, 2013, 21(4), 88-109, (with Andreas Engelen, Fritz Lackhoff)


„Verborgene Unternehmer”, Harvard Business Manager, 2014, 36(11), pp. 8-11 (with Andreas Engelen and Lea Weinekötter)


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