Master Thesis WT 2019

If you are interested to write your Master Thesis at the Chair of International Management, please apply using the online form. 

We will provide you with a topic in one of the areas of interest of the Chair of International Management:

Any prior meeting to discuss thesis topics is not necessary.

The Chair of International Management offers a list of topics for this semester. Please apply for one of the topics below: 

1. Dark sides of diversity recruitment
2. The importance of diversity in shareholder communication
3. Governance of membership-based international organizations in the non-profit sector
4. The role of network partners in non-profit organizations
5. The role of positive psychology in human resource management
6. A company's competitive advantage in the era of digitalization
7. Error cultures in established organizations
8. Subjective well-being of employees - an intercultural perspective
9. The status quo and future of gastronomy 
10. Managerial aspects of being a restaurant chef 


Please note, that we receive a great amount of inquiries to supervise master theses but only have a limited number of seat in the seminar. Therefore, we strongly recommend to also apply at other chairs for supervision.

Please apply using the online form available here. Applications are possible until 02 October 2019.

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