Supervision for mandatory internship

If you are interested to write your internship report for your 3rd semester at the Chair of International Management, please read the following requirements carefully.


Send an email to Prof. Enke (, stating your motivation for writing an internship report at the chair and explaining the contents of your internship. Describe which concepts from ICS could be applied to your internship case and shortly introduce the cooperating company. Further enclose a concise CV, as well as a transcript of records.

Be aware that your internship needs to last 6 months and to be compliant with the other internship requirements. Do not forget to consult the Academic Records Office (ARO) and hand in your registration form there.

Internship report (Approx. 30 pages):


The report has to contain the introduction of your specific case, followed by the explanation of your choice of the theoretical concepts from ICS. Please remember, while illustrating these concepts you need to use recent scientific articles from international top journals. In order to apply those concepts to the case a thorough analysis, as well as a development of implications for organizations, is necessary. The report should then conclude with your outlook and the critical discussion of concepts and findings, again using recent scientific articles.

Literature requirements

Any sources you need to conduct for the analysis have to be research articles from international top journals in the fields of strategic and international management.

Formal requirements

Make sure that all illustrations are of good quality and the structure of your report is clear and comprehensive. Please submit two printed copies to the examination office and send Prof. Enke the internship report via email in pdf format. Please note that report without prior registration will not be accepted by the ARO.


  • Application: 4 weeks before internship starts
  • Registration: As soon as the working contract is signed, latest: One day before your internship starts
  • Discussion of topic with Prof. Enke: 2 months after internship has started
  • Registration of topic: 4 weeks before internship ends
  • Outline to Prof. Enke: 1 month before you want to hand in internship report
  • Submission of internship report to examination office: The examination office will give you a deadline.



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